Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Truth About Vaccinations

In the debate over vaccinations we should look at what the experts have to say.  One of the leading authorities on the subject is noted research scientist, Jenny McCarthy.  In McCarthy's book, "Healing and Preventing Autism" she makes a good case for the connection between autism and vaccinations, a connection strengthened by a now debunked research study by Dr. Wakefield linking autism to childhood vaccinations.  If Dr. Wakefield's research hadn't been debunked this might not be a conspiracy, but as it stands, it seems clear that the medical community is involved in a cover up.  What other natural and simple explanation could one come up with for the fact that his research has been found wanting?

The link between autism and vaccinations is hard to deny.  Since we began vaccinating children, the rate of children being diagnosed with autism has risen.  Now some have argued that this is at least partly because we understand autism a little better as research into the condition continues and we're getting better at identifying it, but I would argue that this just means adults are being affected as well, leading to the rise in diagnoses.  As you know, a diagnoses always precedes a disease, so it seems clear to me that one of the other causes of autism is diagnoses, so it's important that adults stop taking vaccinations as well so we can bring down the diagnosis index.

Of course the question always is, what does the medical community have to gain?  The first is obviously money.  I've had a number of vaccinations through my life and they all must have cost money.  I generally got them for free but somebody must have paid for them, and at that rate a vaccine, we're talking some size of cash cow, either small or large, I don't know.  But that's not all they have to gain.

The medical community is clearly lazy.  Polio has largely been eliminated by vaccines in western nations, and as a result, many doctors will never see a case in their practice.  Way to go, lazy doctors, I'm sure now you can concentrate on your plastic surgery and lap band surgeries, while ignoring the opportunity to cure polio just because it already has been.  Hey, get to work doctors, you can't pawn off your responsibility on medicines you developed.  Get to work!

As we've already talked about, the case against vaccines is causality.  And as has been established by Dr. McCarthy, causation is when one thing happens, and then another thing also happens.  Here at the Conspiracy Nut offices we've done some research, and we've discovered that the harm vaccines cause is not limited to Autism.

Since the advent of vaccines, gang activity in America is on the rise.  We have also seen a rise in the rate of childhood obesity.  Firefly was cancelled.  A perfectly good movie, the Matrix, was ruined by subpar sequels, thanks to vaccines.  Conan lost the Tonight Show.  There still isn't peace in the middle east, even though some people sort of want it, thanks to vaccines.  And of course we all know that lollypops cause tooth decay, and childhood vaccines cause lollypops.

What's the solution?  Well, some have suggested you don't get your kids vaccinated, but that's not a perfect solution either, since if you don't get vaccines, your kids and other kids will probably get sick with illnesses that were wholly preventable.  It seems clear that the perfect solution is to have yourself fixed, that way you'll never have to worry about childhood vaccines in the first place, and, you won't have to pay for college, which is also caused by vaccines.

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