Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Truth About Three Men and a Baby

There are a lot of great conspiracies out there, but one of the better ones regards the 1987 film three men and a baby.  It's great because unlike conspiracies about Jews, the moon landing, the assassination of Kennedy or the Lindberg baby, this is about something really important, a comedy from 1987 that made a little bit of money.

The primary conspiracy is this:  The ghost of a young boy appears in the film.  This young boy is said to have committed suicide in the home that was used for the filming of the movie.  Right away we can see one flaw in this particular conspiracy.  I don't believe any ghost would want to be seen in the movie "Three Men and a Baby" considering that some of the stars of said film don't either.  Also, this wasn't a home, it was a set, and ever since Jackie Coogan, studios aren't allowed to raise children on sets.

However, that doesn't mean there wasn't a ghost.  What seems more likely based on research by my staff is that a stage hand committed suicide during the actual filming.  Consider the evidence.  During the months this film was in production, that stage hand would have been subjected to Tom Selleck and Steve Guttenberg trying to be funny.  The real mystery is why that film isn't littered with suicide ghosts, having only the one.  The fact that Ted Danson, who actually is pretty funny, survived is a miracle.

Another conspiracy is raised, layered within this conspiracy.  Did you know that this film is considered a comedy?  That's right.  Despite the clear presence of a Steve Guttenberg, this film is considered a comedy, not a cinematic cautionary tale.  To this very day, the film appears under "comedy" in numerous publications and movie rental outlets.  Oddly enough, that in and of itself, is pretty funny.

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  1. How much research did your staff have to do and were any killed in the breaking of this news??