Monday, June 13, 2011

The Truth About the Assasination of John F. Kennedy

As a nation, the day John F. Kennedy was killed stands as one of the worst moments in our history.  It should be pointed out that it was also a pretty bad day for John F. Kennedy.  He was in Dallas for one thing, and this was way before they had an NBA franchise. 

The official report has it that John F. Kennedy was killed by a lone gunman, Lee Harvy Oswald, or "Ace", a nickname he picked for himself (Yep, he was a bigger dick then you even imagined).  However, conspiracy theorists posit that there were more shooters that day.  Their evidence seems to be mainly that there sure were a lot of places in Dallas someone could have been hiding that day, surely someone else was there hiding, otherwise, what's the point of all that grass and trees.  One would think the argument was that this was the point in the first place, to design a place where, if you wanted to kill the president, you would have lots of nice places to sit while doing it.  Compelling, I agree, however, I have stumbled upon another theory, of my own making, that's how I stumbled on it.  What if there wasn't one shooter.  What if there weren't two shooters, or even three.  What if there

Think about it.  How many people do you know who have actually been shot?  Not that many right?  Most people go their whole life without being shot.  Wyatt Earp was never shot, and he was a jackass.  Yet with all these people never getting shot, we're supposed to believe that the President, a guy who definitely didn't want to get shot, got shot?  It doesn't add up.

I believe that instead of being shot that day in Dallas, John F. Kennedy got a pretty bad head cold.  I believe the doctors simply screwed up the diagnosis and now want to cover it up.  The whole time with John F. Kennedy saying "seriously guys, I'm just fine."  Even today, he's actually perfectly fine, trying to explain to people that he's not dead, never was, and that he should be allowed to finish his term.  But the medical establishment have to big a stake in their credibility to allow the truth to come out, so everytime someone says "Hey, is't that John F. Kennedy?" they say, no, that's a duck.

Someday I hope the truth will come out.  Until then, I'm here to say things that sound crazy, but aren't, if they are true.  If they aren't true, well yeah, they're pretty crazy.

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